Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello

As you may already know, my 87 year old grandma is crossing things off her “I’m not going to kick the bucket” list. The latest cross-off? The Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello. She learned about this giant log cabin style hotel decades ago and has always wanted to go. So, of course, we went.

I flew in to Rochester, NY and then my mother, grandma, and I drove up through the 1,000 Islands in to Canada to Montebello, Quebec. If you’ve never driven to Quebec then you may not know that there is this invisible line where you go from understanding everything around you to having no clue. All of a sudden you think you accidentally arrived in France. The directions go from west to ouest and every welcome sign says bienvenue. And it’s so lovely. I sometimes forget that Canada is a different country (I almost forgot to pack my passport) but when you are in Quebec, it’s quite obvious.

Luckily I studied French in high school, although I am no where near fluent, I can usually manage most directions and conversations, so we didn’t get lost.

A few hours in to Canada and we finally arrived at Le Chateau Montebello.


Bienvenue a Le Chateau Montebello!

We pulled up in front of the hotel and could not get over just how spectacular it is! The photos on the website are gorgeous, but no photo can truly do the building justice!

IMG_9648 IMG_9659 IMG_9660

We checked in quickly and smoothly and headed to our room.

IMG_9655 IMG_9654 IMG_9653 IMG_9651

Our room was so nice! The bed was one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in.

After we were all settled we headed back to the lobby to check it out and explore the hotel. The lobby has one of the most beautiful fireplaces I have ever seen. In fact, the whole lobby was just spectacular. And I wasn’t the only one who thought so. The lobby was almost always full with guests relaxing, having a drink, or playing one of the many games they have available.

IMG_9658 IMG_9684

I mean, have you ever seen something so pretty?!?!

We had a seat, ordered a drink and an appetizer, and enjoyed the view.

IMG_9734 IMG_9735

It was actually even more delicious than it looks!

When we were (temporarily) satiated, we headed outside to check out more of the hotel.

The hotel is located on the Riviere des Outaouais, and has gorgeous walking paths so you can enjoy the view, whether on foot or on hoof.


Walking along the water.

And if you get sick of walking, you can take a horseback ride! Even if you’re 87 years old.


Grandma ready to ride the horse.


Of course I match my horse.


Three generations of awesomeness.

And if horseback riding isn’t for you, they also have two swimming pools; one outside (too cold to enjoy that one!) and a gorgeous indoor pool.


Have you ever seen such a gorgeous pool?!

They have a lovely spa as well, which of course I visited. It wasn’t my most relaxing spa experience, but there will be a post later just on the spa.

If the weather cooperates and you are in to sports, they have bikes, tennis, and from 9 am to 8 pm, they have hourly activities. You can go zumba, yoga, watch a movie, have a bonfire, orĀ  go for a guided walk, among other things. (Check out the calendar here).

And the food. Oh, the food. Nothing disappointed. From our snacks in the lobby to our meals in one of the three restaurants, we were impressed every time.

IMG_9675 IMG_9755

Crepes to die for! And a lovely room service breakfast.


How cute is this french onion crock? And it was as delicious as it looks.

IMG_9749 IMG_9750

Of course I had poutine. Mom’s Mediterranean dish was amazing too.

And dessert. Now, we are normally too full for dessert but grandma’s no fool. She knew how delicious dessert looked, so she ordered it for dinner.


Creme brulee and the dessert for the undecided. Chocolate cake covered in caramelized sugar. Oh, it was sinful in just the right way.

We only stayed for two nights and it wasn’t long enough. Next time, I want to bring the whole family and stay for a week!