Guest Post: Monster Jam

I was unable to attend Monster Jam at Amalie Arena last weekend. Luckily, I have two great guest correspondents, brothers William (age 9) and Jesse (age 12), who are happy to share their experience.

My brother and I went to Monster Jam Triple Threat Series at Amalie Arena. A few hours before the main show started we went to a pit party, which is basically a meet and greet with the drivers on the arena floor.  I got pictures of the speedsters, ATV’s and their trucks.  My brother and I got a picture with our favorite driver and truck, Gravedigger.  The line for meeting a driver was only about 15 minutes long. The floor of the arena had plenty of people walking around with concessions. Once we were done at the pit party, we walked around for some decently priced food and where the bathrooms were located.  All the food was expensive, the usual Amalie prices. I had Dippin Dots and my brother had nachos.  My Dippin Dots lasted longer because there was lots of air conditioning.


Once we got to our seats, we started to watch the first event in the Triple Threat Series, which was a timed racing event.  In that event, first place went to Gravedigger.  He won by nearly two seconds!  The second event was the Two Wheel Challenge which they win by going up on two wheels and doing the best tricks they can do.  Gravedigger won again!  The third event was the Donut Challenge.  Soldier of Fortune Black Ops won because he went up on two wheels for several seconds while spinning in a donut.  We then got a nice intermission. The Arena has lots bathrooms and plenty of TV screens incase you’re not back to your seat when it restarts. The next event was ATV races which Max D won.  Megalodon pushed Max D to get around him but Max D was able to hold on and stay in the lead.  Then it was time for the Speedster racing which was head to head battles.  Zombie took the win because Max D broke down and he left the arena in the final race of Speedsters.  The final challenge was the Freestyle Challenge.  This is probably the best challenge there is. The trucks had lots of air time and wheelies. Gravedigger took the win but unluckily, Soldier of Fortune Black Ops won the overall event by one point!  We were able to participate in scoring during the events by voting on our mobile devices.  This made the fans the judges for three of the events. The whole event was fast paste.


That was our family’s trip to the Triple Threat Series at Amalie Arena.  Me and my brother would definitely go back to another Monster Jam event at Amalie Arena.

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