Guest Post: Monster Jam from Two Young Brothers

Monster Jam came to Tampa last Saturday for the first of two shows. I wasn’t able to go, so I sent two guest bloggers in my place, brothers William and Jesse. Check out their visit to Monster Jam and don’t forget, the trucks will be back February 3rd!

William, age 8

This was the day. Monster Jam had arrived and I was driven to Raymond James Stadium with my family and friends. we parked the car and as soon as the doors opened it was time to have fun. The adults tailgated and we played in the rows of grass between the vehicles.  I then headed over to the Pits. We were able to see many of the trucks up close. We could stand in line to meet many of the drivers and get autographs. It was very crowded but everyone was having fun and being helpful. We were dressed warm this year with the temperature around 48 degrees and a constant 11mph wind.

We then headed to the Stadium to get ready for the main show. There was lots of merchandise for sale in many locations making the lines short. The track was mostly large dirt hills with a back flip wall and a few cars to crush. The giant TV on each end of the track had good sound and a clear picture.  The first competition was fun to watch as the driver raced through an obstacle course. El Toro Loco won !!

The second competition was the two- wheel skill challenge. It was fun watching them try to get on two wheels to score points, many flipped over trying. Grave Digger won easily. He is my favorite truck I was very happy.

Intermission I had popcorn and cannoli’s the food was good.

The last competition was Freestyle. There were lots of crashes. This was very close scoring with El Toro loco winning with a backflip and almost completing a corkscrew flip.

I am already planning with my family our next trip to Monster Jam.

Jesse, age eleven (for one more day. Happy birthday tomorrow Jesse!)

It was January 13th and it was 48 degrees out with a constant 11 mile hour wind. I was at Raymond James Stadium for Monster Jam. If you wanted merchandise, there were so many concession stands at most it was a minute wait. In the Pits you can get up close with the monster trucks as well as you can get autographs by the drivers. After going to the pits we (me, family and friends) went into the stadium to our seats. First we met the event sponsors as they drove their vehicles around the stadium floor. Suddenly all 14 monster trucks did a lap or 2 then they went to each side of the stadium floor to start the first challenge which was the obstacle racing course.  In that challenge El Toro Loco defeated World Champion Bounty Hunter.  The second challenge was the two wheeled challenge which Gravedigger won.  He is my favorite monster truck. Finally, the freestyle challenge, my personal favorite.  In that challenge, El Toro Loco took the win by doing a backflip, then almost succeeding in doing a corkscrew flip off of the backflip ramp.  El Toro Loco scored a total of 40 points through the all three challenges.  Gravedigger came in second and Max-D came in third.  It was an amazing trip, you should definitely go, if you don’t, you are missing out on a lot of fun.

Lots of merchandise
Short lines and lots of supplies
Bathroom or food runs? No problem, show is on all the TVs throughout the stadium


Cold but happy Monster Jam fans!

If the boys convinced you how much fun you’ll have, you can buy tickets to the next show here! Thanks again William and Jesse for being a guest on my blog!


Disclaimer: The tickets were provided to me but my opinions are all my own. And sometimes young brothers. 


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