Monster Jam 2016

Monster Jam was a surprising, thrilling event full of tricks, flips, fireworks, and even a dog! Sure, it was a truck designed to look like a dog but so what? It was edge-of-your-seat entertainment at it’s finest. I was shocked and impressed!

The day began at 1:30 PM if you had Pit Pass. You could walk around and see the trucks and meet the drivers. Unfortunately, I had to work until 7 PM (life of a nurse) so I couldn’t attend. Luckily, a friend so graciously offered to pick up my tickets and attend the Pit Party for me!


Can you believe the size of that truck? I had read that they were approximately 12 feet tall but wowza! They had so much fun that I’m thinking about going back when Monster Jam comes back to Tampa February 6th, just for the Pit Party!

I made it to Raymond James Stadium shortly after the show began. I’ve never been to a monster truck show and the only thing I new to expect was how loud it is. I was prepared with ear plugs, which I highly recommend.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how exciting it was! Those giant trucks jump so far in the air! And they go so fast!


Look at how high those giant trucks are!

I also had no idea just how many trucks there are. Grave Digger seemed to be the most popular and well-known truck. He is pretty and goes really fast. The Monster Energy truck might be the most recognizable, since it looks just the cans of Monster Energy drinks. But in my opinion, the Monster Mutt is by far the best looking truck. He has ears and a tail and is so cute!


Grave Digger


Monster Energy truck under the sign and Monster Mutt up close.


The tongue kills me!

They had fireworks that would go off as the trucks jumped ramps. It was really quite spectacular to see. But the most spectacular was when one of the trucks jumped three other ones!


I was totally not expecting that! So fun!

The one thing that surprised me the most was how careless they seemed to be with the trucks. They were running in to things, flipping over, and it looked like pieces were breaking off. I’m guessing that the body is the cheapest part of the truck and easily replaced. And it did make the show more fun. If I go to the Pit Party in February when they come back I’m definitely going to ask the drivers about that.


Poor guy!

If you didn’t make it to this show, you’re in luck because Monster Jam is coming back next month on February 6th (you can buy tickets here). Although I didn’t go with kids, it seems like a great event for the whole family. Everyone around us seemed to be having a great time. I highly recommend going and maybe I’ll see you at the February show! Just don’t forget your earplugs!


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